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Benefits of Our Free Membership

The Harris County Attorneys Lawyers is dedicated to providing the most to our members free of charge. We are committed to amplifying diverse voices in the legal communities and furthering our member's careers. Whether it be through education opportunities or networking events, the Harris County Black Attorneys Associations is devoted to improving the legal community. 

CLE Opportunities/Bar Prep Assistance

The Harris County Black Attorneys Association provides different opportunities for CLE throughout the year helping lawyers expand their education and skillset. The CLE offered will be in subjects of interest to our members or over topics of importance to legal practice. In addition, we also offer Bar Prep assistance to Juris Doctor degree holders to make sure they have all tools needed to successfully perform on their examination.

Networking and Outreach Events

The Harris County Black Attorneys Association hosts events with the goal of expanding our member's network within our profession and within our communities. Our professional networking events help our members connect with different sectors of the legal community and help them meet people they may work with in future endeavors. Our community events are created with the goal of connecting our members to the community and provide them opportunities to give back and enrich the community with events such as voter registration or legal education seminars.

Professional Development and Mentoring 

The Harris County Black Attorneys Association is committed to improving the professionalism of our members, as well as expanding their career opportunities. We offer our members the opportunity of being matched with a mentor to guide them through their careers. We also host leadership seminars or professional development seminars to keep our membership at the top of their game by fine-tuning skills essential to our profession. Additionally, we also provide scholarship opportunities to current law schools to reduce the cost of their legal education. 

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